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The benefits of branded confectionery

Branded confectionery can come in many forms - from a branded lolly, to branded sweet pyramids, and is a great way to advertise a business. Branded sweets also come in a huge variety of shapes and colours. For example a branded lolly can be made to match your business colour scheme and is branded with the business logo, meaning customers will always think of you next time they are eating a strawberry flavoured, pink lolly for example. Branded confectionery is also a fun way to advertise an event or exhibition that will attract and wow customers.

Branded confectionery is a perfect way to advertise subtly, yet still make a big impact. So next time a customer reaches into their pocket and finds that branded boiled sweet, they will think of your business and the next time they eat a boiled sweet, it will trigger the memory and cause them to think of your business each time they eat one.

Advertising and promotion can be very costly and can become complicated and difficult. One of the main benefits of branded confectionery is that it’s a cost effective method and there is something suitable for every budget. Here at Keep It Sweet, we are also willing to discuss any ideas you may have surrounding branded sweets and help you create a great sweet promotion.

Along with the traditional sweets such as jelly beans and sticks of rock, we also offer Printed Biscuits. Printed biscuits can be printed on in great detail with chocolate with a logo or event name and are available individually wrapped, unwrapped or boxed. Many people will then think of your business or event when enjoying a branded biscuit as a snack or when dunking it in their tea!

One of the biggest benefits of branded confectionery and the reason it is so effective, is that it is unique and unlike most other promotional methods. It is a fun way to engage with customers or clients, that they will enjoy. New and innovative ways to advertise are always being searched for and branded confectionery is a perfect way to make a big impact. So view our corporate sweets range today or contact us to get more information.