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The Best, Worst and Weirdest Retro Sweets

Remember necking down Sherbet Straws at the school disco? Or sneaking a few Haribos when your mum wasn’t looking? Whatever sweets were your favourites, Retro Sweets are sure to bring back a whole host of nostalgic memories. Here at Keep It Sweet we’ve got all of the weirdest, wackiest and tastiest retro sweets you can think of to get the memories flowing and your taste buds tingling!

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Many of our favourite crazy retro sweets are from the 70’s. From brightly coloured Crazy Beans to explosive Lemon Sherbets, 70s sweets provide it all when it comes to wonderful and wacky treats! One of the brightest of them all is Taffy Bubblegum. These bright blue swirly delights are sure to catch your attention and taste oh so delicious and fruity. If you can resist these lip-smacking treats for long enough, why not display them in one of our traditional Glass Sweet Jars to create an eye-popping gift or table decoration and the perfect splash of colour-come edible masterpiece!

Or maybe you were a child of the 80s? As you’d expect from the decade of lycra, perms and all things neon, the sweets were just as wild! Some of the most iconic 80s delights include Fruit Salads, Fizz Wiz and Candy Necklaces - if that isn’t making your mouth water then we don’t know what will! And not only do 80s retro sweets taste truly scrumptious, but they look just as great as they taste. From Candy Lipsticks to electric Blue Lemon Sherbets you are never in for a dull sight and are sure to relive the childhood joy of a brightly coloured tongue!

Along with some of our more bright and wild options, some of our other favourite retro sweets are the more traditional ones. Sometimes, less really is more after all! One of the most loved and widely appreciated types of traditional sweets are mints. These are sure firm favourites amongst consumers, but can sometimes get forgotten. We are here to say don’t underestimate the mint! Did you know - the Romans believed that eating mint would increase intelligence? And that it could prevent somebody from losing their temper? As much as we would love this to be true, we are not entirely sure it is scientifically correct! What we do know however, is that there is nobody who doesn’t love a mint! Why not tuck into some delicious Mint Cremes and find out for yourself?! Another firm traditional favourite are Aniseed Twists. Whether you love it or hate it - aniseed is a regular amongst old school sweets. In fact, Anise dates back to Roman times and is even thought to be the origin of the spiced wedding cakes we have today. Treat yourself to some Aniseed Twists for a truly classic taste sensation!

Retro Sweets also go down especially well at weddings and are sure to leave your guests reminiscing over fond memories and happy times after the big day. Why not treat your friends and relatives with a Retro Cube sweet wedding favour containing many of your retro favourites in a cute little Perspex cube. Celebrate your big day and spread the love with Mini Lovehearts, top up your energy levels on the dance floor with some Parma Violets and let your guests have some fun turning their tongues black with chewy Black Jacks (just be sure to do this after the photographs!) We also have themed jars and sweet bars containing fun themed retro sweets to add to any event and to put a smile on people’s faces. For example, why not celebrate all things British at your wedding with a British Jar filled with everything from Union Jack Rock to classic Mini Haribo Mix? Or treat your bridesmaids and best man with Girls and Boys Sweet Jars to show your appreciation and give as a small token of thanks on the big day.

If you can’t decide which retro sweets to pick, why not take a look at our Retro Sweets Jars? Our ever popular Retro Classics Jar is available in 3 different sizes to suit every budget and is full of an assorted selection of our most popular retro sweets. Remember heading to the newsagents after school, the sign on the shop door saying only three school children allowed in at a time? And then having a mad dash afterwards to catch the bus? This jar is sure to bring back these memories and will take you on a fantastic nostalgic trip down memory lane in a way that no modern day sweets can. Make your tongue tingle with crazy Fizz Wizz Popping Candy, dare to try a controversial Parma Violet and get stuck into some fruity Chewits - this ultimate sweet jar is also the perfect gift for any sweet lover.

View our full range of retro sweets here and let us know which are your favourites!