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The Retro Sweets Revival: Still Going Strong?

Retro Sweets

Sherbet Lemons and Liquorice Allsorts, Sugar Mice and Coconut Ice: who doesn’t have a place in their heart for old-fashioned sweets? In recent years, sales of retro sweets have soared and old classics now appear everywhere. The retro sweets revival seems to be in full swing, but the question is, how long will it last?

So just why do we love traditional and retro sweets so much? The growing popularity of these tasty treats is largely a trend for adults. With everything from Pear Drops to Toasted Teacakes to dig into, there is guaranteed to be something that reminds you of your childhood and it will not only taste too good to be true, but also bring the memories flooding back. It seems like everyday there are new sweets appearing in the supermarket aisles (often weird and wacky!) but unlike retro sweets, they won’t bring an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and hit that sentimental sweet spot!

One of the most popular retro sweets that are devoured by children and adults alike are jelly sweets. From Jelly Phones to Jelly Snails, they are available in a huge variety of different shapes, colours and flavours and are some of the most fun to eat. The first known jelly sweets were Jelly Teddy Bears - these soft and juicy fruit flavoured teddy shaped sweets are some of the cutest and tastiest sweets and are an iconic childhood classic. What better way to remember those carefree school days than with these delicious retro sweets? Or why not ‘propose’ with a Jelly Ring? Or surprise your friends with a Jelly Snake?


The answer is, yes the retro sweets revival is still going strong. Very strong! And we suspect it will continue to do so for years to come. Despite the lure of the supermarket confectionery aisle and the anti-sugar movement, retro sweets have far more meaning and memories along with them and will continue to satisfy sweet teeth all over the world! View our full range of retro sweets here and order yours online today for the quickest, easiest and most stress-free way to get all your sweet treats.