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The UK’s Top Ten Favourite Retro Sweets

The UK is a nation of sweet lovers. From fabulous fruity delights to tongue-tingling sour shockers, here at Keep It Sweet we have hundreds of different types of Retro Sweets to choose from, with something to take everyone’s fancy. But just which Retro Sweets have proven to be the best and have been voted the nation’s favourites? Take a look…

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1.       First up is a true classic, Jelly Babies. Originally called ‘Peace Babies’ to celebrate the end of the First World War, these sweets have been around a long time and are just as popular as they have ever been! Not only do these old school fruity treats taste oh-so-delicious, but they are also just as fun to eat, as each different flavoured sweet has its own name. Tuck into Brilliant, Bubbles, Baby Bonny, Boofuls, Bigheart and Bumper yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

2.       Next up in the UK’s favourite Retro Sweets are yet another traditional classic. Liquorice Allsorts are a true sweetshop favourite and are sure to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories of tucking into these after school. Whether you love it or hate it, there is no doubt that liquorice has been a long standing must-have for as long as anyone can remember - in fact, there are records of liquorice being consumed by the Pharaohs and even Alexander the Great! It must be good! We also have plenty of other Liquorice treats including colourful Catherine Wheels and even Liquorice Wands for you to stick your teeth into.

3.       Another favourite in the world of Retro Sweets are Lovehearts. These delicious fruity delights complete with cheeky messages on them are yet another sweet filled with history. First produced as a novelty Christmas cracker filler in the 1950s, these sweets have since rocketed to become one of the UK’s favourites - with millions being made every year. And what’s more, the whole production process of these lovey-dovey sweets is filled with romance and in 2012 the Lovehearts factory was named ‘The Factory of Love’ since so many employees have found love there.

4.       Or maybe Winegums are more your cup of tea? These Retro Sweets are another firm favourite and are definitely up there on our own list of favourites here at Keep It Sweet. You simply cannot go wrong with these staple sweet treats and although many generations of children have been convinced otherwise, they don’t actually contain any wine so you’re fine to eat and drive!

5.       A particular childhood favourite on the list is Gobstoppers. These brightly coloured spheres of candy are a true retro classic and last for forever! Perfect for keeping someone quiet to get a moment’s peace, or for if you need a long lasting sugar fix, these delicious favourites won’t ever get old. Not only do they taste great, but they also look fantastic displayed in one of our glass sweet jars to give as a unique gift or to display at parties or events.

6.       Another true British classic is Fruit Rock. Straight from the seaside, these hard boiled colourful treats are also pretty long lasting are come in ever more intricate designs and crazy flavours. Here at Keep It Sweet we also offer Personalised Fruit Rock. Perfect for wedding favours or events, these vibrant individually wrapped treats allow you to add your very own message, text or logo to create a truly unique and personal sweet.

7.       Many of the most popular Retro Sweets are also firm party bag favourites and this next sweet is no exception. Drumstick Lollies are oh-so-deliciously chewy and are said to have been invented by accident when Trevor Matlow, the son of one of Swizzels-Matlow’s founders, was experimenting with a new machine and mixed milk and raspberry flavours to form a lollipop. Since the classic Drumstick, there have been many other various flavour combinations including strawberry and banana and cherry and apple - we say what a wonderful mistake if there ever was one!

8.       Another iconic classic is Black Jacks. Many of us remember the days when these cost just a penny and although this is no longer true, they still taste just as great as you’ll remember! And they still turn your tongue a fun shade of black! If you love Black Jacks then why not check out our Bulk Box containing 400 of them to ensure you’re never without a sugar fix for a while to come!

9.       Barley Sugars may not sound too appealing to some, but these toned down sweets have proven to make up for their bare appearance in taste. These boiled golden orange delights are a family favourite loved across multiple generations. It’s warm, comforting taste is filled with nostalgia and is sure to bring plenty of memories flooding back.

10.   Finally, on the list of the UK’s favourite Retro Sweets is Flying Saucers. These brightly coloured pastel treats really are out of this world! Not only do they look bright and colourful, but they are filled with tongue-tingling, mouth-watering sherbet which is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter what the occasion! Order from Keep It Sweet today and simply sit back and wait for them to arrive on your doorstep - yum!

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