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Throwback to Your Childhood Days with Traditional Sweets

Could you ever forget the innocent childhood days of flying saucers and tuck shops? Why not reignite your youthful flame of taste buds and dive into the mouth-watering world of fizzy dummies and drumsticks! Traditional sweets are a speciality here at Keep It Sweet, but why not challenge yourself into testing your knowledge and see if you can remember all these sensations from your school days…

Did you ever wear candy necklaces round your neck to impress your most recent crush at school? Well why not impress your sweet loved one today and win over their nostalgic heart once again with this delicious and enjoyable treat! Transforming you into an immediate fashion icon, this delicacy would be perfect for weddings to woo your guests and give them those much-needed accessories. How about adding those precious candy whistles to the party to compliment the already fun-packed and flavoursome activities of the night? Win your treasured one’s attention by blowing on a whistle, before getting blown away by its glorious flavour!

Jelly SnailsFlying Saucers | Keep It Sweet

Do you ever find yourself discovering only disappointment at the bottom of the jar instead of more sweets? If so, stay stocked up by buying in bulk. Whether you want to stock up the cupboards for cosy nights in, are catering for a kid’s party or are looking for a gift for a sweet-toothed pal, you can never have enough Bon Bons, Apple Whips and other traditional treats at the ready for those occasions. Why not try our legendary and extremely popular Retro Tuckshop Box? Do you know a group of people or a family that LOVES sweets? If so this box is the perfect gift containing retro sweets to please even the fussiest of people and that also looks great. We can even arrange gift wrapping to save you even more hassle when gift shopping.

Amongst other traditional sweets are some of our most popular and well-known delights. Cola Cubes, Pineapple Chunks and Lemon Sherbets are loved by the nation and are a classic household must-have that is loved throughout the generations. Old fashioned sweets such as these are made using traditional processes involving copper pans and boiled and coloured sugar. From simple flavours such as Strawberries and Cream to more obscure and unusual ones such as Rhubarb and Ginger, we can guarantee there is something to suit everyone’s fancy and will be delivered to your doorstep with a click of a button online. Coconut Ice is a favourite nostalgic sweet that has the perfect mixture of the natural sweetness of coconut and the delicious, delicate and crumbly texture. These are perfect for keeping mum busy and stopping gran from giving you embarrassing kisses! Along with the great taste, the white and pink pastel colouring of Coconut Ice makes it a great traditional sweet to give as a gift. Why not fill one of our glass sweet jars, available online here with this crumbly treat?

Traditional sweets are what most of us remember from the old sweet shop when we were a child and the good old times of ‘penny sweets. Individually wrapped sweets such as (love them or hate them) Turkish Delight or rich, chewy Caramel Cups were often bought for only a few pence each and part of the joy involved picking out which sweets to have. Individual sweets are great for throwing a few in your bag to snack on whilst out and about or for sharing amongst friends. Other popular choices include Vanilla Fudge, Strawberry Cremes and zingy Refresher Chews, all the perfect bite-sized treats to satisfy a sweet craving! Although unfortunately penny sweets are no longer, why not buy a variety of traditional sweets to take you on a trip down memory lane and to keep in your house? Keep the family happy with an after dinner treat and impress guests with your nostalgic range of goodies. Or create the feel of a traditional sweet shop at a wedding or party to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Here at Keep It Sweet we offer a selection of Sweet Carts filled with plenty of popular traditional sweets including Retro Chews, Foam Bananas and Fizzy Snakes that are available in a variety of sizes to cater for every budget and event. Or why not create your very own sweet bar with a Glass Sweet Jars and our range of sweet bar accessories including Tongs and Scoops, all available online to ensure you have a hassle-free experience.


From fruity to minty to creamy and chocolatey, traditional sweets come in all shapes and flavours to put a smile on everyone’s face. See what all the fuss is about and order yours online today.