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Throwback to Your Childhood with these Retro Sweets

Are you a sucker for a sugar fix? Are you known amongst your friends as ‘the one with the sweet tooth’? If so, our huge range of retro sweets is most definitely for you! Choose from our selection of hundreds of different retro and traditional sweets from days gone by and bring back plenty of nostalgic childhood memories that are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Some of the most loved childhood sweets are penny sweets. Although, sadly, penny sweets are no longer around, there is nothing to stop you saving up your loose change and treating yourself to a good old fashioned sugary treat or two! One of our most favourite penny sweets were Sherbet Straws. These classic party bag fillers are bright, colourful and packed with fruity flavour. Remember rushing to spend your pocket money on these after school and trading them with your mates? Now you can re-live these memories at the click of a button! Along the lines of Sherbet Straws - here at Keep It Sweet we are fans of all things sherbet! There is nothing better than a packet of tiny Sherbet Pips to get your tongue tingling or a classic Sherbet Fountain to cover yourself in!

Another old school classic that is sure to take you on a trip down memory lane is Jelly Beans. The origin of the Jelly Bean is a bit of a mystery, but one things for sure - they are one of the most popular sweets of all time and aren’t going to die out any time soon. We offer a variety of different Jelly Beans from the classic fruity beans that we all know and love, to cute Jelly Bean Hearts and our wild and wacky Crazy Beans. Get choosing yours today!

One of our personal childhood favourite retro sweets is Lollipops. From classics such as Chupa Chups to our Great British Lolly, we have every lollipop you could ever wish for that are perfect for keeping the kids quiet. Choose from a huge range of different shapes, colours and flavours and get munching away! Vimto Lollies are a must have for any kitchen cupboard in our opinion - this classic drink re-invented is as loveable as the drink and is perfect to treat guests with. Other popular Lollies include novelties such as Flic and Licks and Push Pops. Both of these Lollies are classics 90s treats and come in a variety of different fruity flavours to make your mouth water.

Amongst all the weird and wonderful retro sweets in the world are some hidden gems that can often be overlooked. Some of the oldest classics of them all are Mints. Although you may not have appreciated them as a child, mints are a staple for any handbag or car and here at Keep It Sweet we have mints of every variety for you to stock up and keep your breath minty fresh. The first modern day mint sweet was created back in 1790, and mints have developed in to a firm British favourite ever since. Choose from cool Fox’s Glacier Mints to iconic Mint Cremes - or even dare to brave the strongest Strong Mints around! Did you know, that the Romans believed that eating mint would increase intelligence? Although we can’t prove this is entirely scientifically correct we say it’s definitely worth a try!

Maybe you can’t decide which delicious retro sweets to choose? Or you’re looking for the perfect unique gift for a sweet lover? If so then we have a variety of different gifts and packages containing retro sweets in many different shapes and forms to suit every occasion and there is guaranteed to be something for you. For example, the Retro Tuckshop Box is the perfect surprise for a sweet-toothed pal or is sure to put a big old cheesy grin on everyone’s face in the office. Containing over 30 different types of retro sweets and childhood favourites, you’ll be spoiled for choice when this exciting package arrives - just be sure not to eat it all at once!

We also have a range of sweet jars containing various sugary treats to tickle your fancy and to get your taste buds tingling. Our Retro Classics Jar is the perfect jar for all your old school favourites such as Frosties, Candy Sticks, Parma Violets and more. Keep one of these as a coffee table treat or show somebody how much they mean to you with this unique and quirky present.

Retro Sweets are also the perfect promotional product and marketing tool for businesses. Reignite childhood memories and create a great long-lasting impact on customers and clients that is sure to make your brand stick in their mind. Choose to customise or personalise a huge range of retro sweets to create the perfect sweet promotion, staff incentive or branded sweet giveaways to get your brand name out there in a fun, unique and eye-catching way. For example, Branded Sweet Packs are the perfect bite-sized treats to put a smile on someone’s face at a corporate event. By connecting your business name with much-loved childhood treats, customers and clients will associate happy memories from days gone by with your brand and will think only good things! We also stock everything from Branded Sweet Jars to Bespoke Rock Sweets for you to choose from.

View our full range of retro sweets here and take a sweet trip down memory lane!