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Tuck Shop Sweets you’ll Remember from School

Take a trip down memory lane to the old sweet shop on the corner and the good old days of penny sweets - from Dip Dabs to Cola Cubes, here at Keep It Sweet we have all of the best tuck shop sweets from years gone by. What will take your fancy? …

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Some of the most popular classic tuck shop sweets are Boiled Sweets. Whether they remind you of Grandma’s handbag or the newsagents as a child, there is no denying how delicious these old school favourites are. In fact, Boiled Sweets are amongst the oldest of all sweets and their creation dates back to the nineteenth century. Traditionally made in copper pans filled with sugar, these iconic delights are available in a huge variety of various shapes, sizes and colours, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Strawberry and Creams are one of the most popular Boiled Sweets around. A fun twist on the classic summer treat, these are the perfect winter alternative! So sit back, imagine the sun is shining and pop one of these fruity favourites in! Another iconic Tuck Shop Sweet is Mint Imperials. Although often overlooked or classed as ‘boring’, these cool, refreshing favourites are completely irresistible and a true crowd pleaser - take a look!

Amongst our fantastic range of Tuck Shop Sweets, there are a few that need an acquired taste! One of the most famous ‘love-them or hate-them’ classics is Parma Violets. Much like Marmite, these unique violet flavoured sweets are sure to lead to endless debates amongst friends and family, but must be tried at least once! Another controversial sweet treat to try is Aniseed Balls. These classic red sweets have a great colour, but arguably not such a great taste (we disagree!). Aniseed is made from anise, a plant which has been used since the 14th century (a long time) and was used by the Romans at the end of a marriage feast to ease indigestion. Again, another classic that must be tried at least once, you never know you might find a new favourite treat!

We also have a huge selection of tuck shop sweets and branded sweets for brands and businesses. Corporate and promotional sweets are an affordable, yet highly effective way to impress clients and customers and to leave a great lasting impression in their minds. Chocolate Nets are a brilliant small option to give out as promotional sweets, or to put a big smile on people’s faces around the office. Receiving a Chocolate Coin Net at Christmas as a child was always exciting, and now you can re-live this excitement with all sorts of different tuck shop sweets and sugary favourites. Another popular option for branded sweets is Personalised Sticks of Rock. Not only do these taste truly delicious and look even better, they are perfect for promoting your business or a new product or event in a way that is sure to stick in people’s heads for all the right reasons. Or go a step further with a whole hamper of tuck shop sweets and retro classics. The perfect business gift or meeting room addition, you can’t go wrong with this bumper sugary selection.

Tuck shop sweets are also the perfect addition to a wedding or party. Impress your guests with plenty of nostalgic childhood treats and take them on a fantastic trip down memory lane. Wedding Favours are always a difficult thing to get right - what can you give that everyone will enjoy and that won’t break the bank? We’re pretty sure we’ve got the answer…sweets! From Retro Cubes filled with a bite-sized selection of all the best retro sweets from years gone by to Chocolate Hearts of all colours to scatter around the table to give your guests an all needed energy boost to get on the dance floor, we have something to suit every wedding. Pillow Boxes are one of the newest additions to our Sweet Favour selection. Choose from Jelly Hearts, Jelly Beans or Love themed sweets to spread the love amongst your guests and to be sure to put a big smile on their faces.

Or maybe you’re looking for a unique gift for friends or family? Maybe for that one person who has everything and is impossible to buy for? If so, then look no further than tuck shop sweets for the perfect solution! Our Sweet Jars are the perfect gift for all occasions and we even offer tongs and scoops to go alongside them for a truly authentic traditional sweet shop feel. Our Retro Classics Jar contains all of the best tuck shop sweets you could think of and is available in 3 different sizes. Or why not take a look at some of our other fun themed jars, including our Birthday Jar, our Football Jar and even Sweet and Sour Jar that is sure to tickle your taste buds.

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