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What are the most popular retro sweets in the UK?

Keep it sweet, most popular sweets

Retro sweets have made a big comeback in the past few years and there are endless options to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Britain is a nation of traditional and retro sweet lovers, but just which are our favourites?

5. Drumstick Lollies - This delicious chewy lolly is said to have been invented by accident in the 1950s, when Trevor Matlow, the son of one of Swizzels-Matlow’s founders, was experimenting with a new machine and discovered a lollipop with two flavours could be created. The traditional, much-loved, Drumstick is milk and raspberry flavoured, although there have been many other flavours to this mouth-watering delight since.

4. Wine Gums - Despite what children have speculated over for many generations, wine gums do not contain any wine! With a fruity taste and a magnificent chew, you can’t go wrong with these sweets. Each flavour has it’s own shape and bright colour and everyone has their own opinions on the best tasting sweet of the bunch. Appealing to both children and adults, wine gums are hard to resist.

3. Love Hearts- Britain’s third favourite sweet are the tongue-tingling traditional classic that read lovey-dovey messages on each one. Give these to someone you love or simply devour them all for yourself for a guaranteed taste sensation. First produced as a cracker-filler at Christmas in the 1950s, Love Hearts became so popular that they were produced all year around and there have been many variations on the classic messages printed on them, including a technology edition and even a special royals edition.

2. Liquorice Allsorts - A true sweetshop classic, Liquorice Allsorts are ever popular because of the fun shapes, the unique mishmash of colours and the delicious flavours. They are said to have been invented when a salesman accidentally dropped a tray of sweets he was showing a client and created the assortment of sweets that are now much loved by Britain.

1. Jelly Babies - Britain’s overall most popular sweet , it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t love them. Jelly Babies, originally produced as Peace Babies after the war, are so fruity and jelly-ish it is impossible not to keep going back for more. Along with the unique flavours and floury coating, Jelly Babies have that extra special touch that have made them so popular - try them for yourself!

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