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What are your favourite Retro Sweets?

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to sweets. There are weird and wonderful creations being invented everyday but we all have that old favourite. Flying Saucers, Shrimps, Jelly Beans, Rhubarb and Custards are just a few of these popular retro sweets that are still available today but what about those that are not so easy to get hold of?

Aniseed Balls have been a popular choice for many years but recently are not so easy to find. Aniseed itself is native to the Eastern Mediterranean region and has been highly valued since ancient times. If these are one of your favourites, you will know they have a distinctive liquorice like flavour but did you also know that they have been used for medical purposes throughout history, especially as a digestive aid. The seeds are also used whole or crushed as a flavouring in various foods. Aniseed Balls are made using anise seed with a whole anise seed in the centre which give them that strong flavour that lasts. No wonder these little gems are amongst the rare favourites.

Another favourite among the hard to find retro sweets is Highland Toffee. Highland Toffee was created by McCowan, a Scottish confectionary company that specialised in toffee and fudge also creators of Snowballs, Lollypops and Macaroon. It was in the 1920s that McCowan began to produce the small toffee chews that would later become the company’s flagship confection.

One more example to add to these rare retro sweet treasures is also one of my favourites - Sugar Mice. Not only do they just taste great but they look wonderful. Sugar Mice are a traditional sugar candy popular in the UK, especially during the Christmas season, maybe because they are the perfect size to put in a stocking. They come in various colours and flavours such as pink for Strawberry or Raspberry, yellow or green for Lemon etc. The finishing touch being their tail, cotton traditionally used although edible materials such as liquorice may be used also.

These are just a select few of the rare beauties that we still know and love today. Though there are plenty more out there. However much time passes, these old favourites will stay with us for many more years to come. If you are interested in purchasing retro sweets as a little treat for yourself or as a nostalgic Christmas gift then view our range today.