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What To Put In Party Bags 2018: Party Bag Ideas

Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings. No matter what the occasion, many events have that little something missing… party bags! No matter what your age, our fantastic range of Party Bags and Retro Sweets are the ultimate addition to any occasion and are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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Here at Keep It Sweet we have both pre-packaged, themed party bags as well as different coloured bags, scoops and jars for you to create the ultimate unique party bag addition yourself. 

From our Best of British Bag to our Money themed Bag, we have many different themes for you to choose from to suit your party. Take a browse through our huge selection to find the perfect party bag for you. Our classic option suitable for all occasions is our Retro Party Bag. This bag is available in both sizes small and large to cater for all numbers (and appetites!) and is a great nostalgic treat to get all your guests smiling. Packed with old-school sweets from the 70s and 80s, this is a sweet-lovers heaven and is sure to bring nostalgic childhood memories flooding back. Make your tongue tingle with colourful Flying Saucers, get musical with a Candy Whistle and allow your guests to exchange sweet messages with Mini Love Hearts. If that isn’t making your mouth water, then we don’t know what will!

Another popular bag is our Hen Party Bag. This naughty little party bag calls out pink all over and is the perfect sweet treat for the girls to dig into before the big day. Show off your rock with a fruity Ring Pop or devour a whole range of heart shaped goodies - at only £1.59 a bag, it is simply irresistible! Or for a more civilised addition to your party, why not treat your guests to a Chocolate Party Bag? The chocoholics amongst you will sniff out this bag from a mile away and it’s hard not to snuffle this goodie bag up right away with all the delicious delights that are hidden inside. From Raspberry Ruffles to classic Chocolate Coins, there is no better way to get your sugar fix on the dance floor! This bag would make the perfect classy addition to your wedding or sweet touch to a work do if you ask us.

If you can’t find exactly what you are after, then don’t worry as we also offer Personalised Party Bags. Choose to add pictures, photos or your own special message to your party bags, as well as customising the colour and contents to create a truly unique touch that is sure to make your party memorable for years to come.

Our Personalised Party Bags also make a highly effective and quirky marketing tool for your brand or business. Customise your bags to give to prospective customers and clients at a corporate event to be sure to make a great lasting impression. Add your logo, message or branding to ensure that clients remember you and why not go one step further and customise the sweets inside to match your business? For example, Chocolate Coins are perfect for any companies working with numbers or our bright Beach Mix would be great for a travel agency.

Whether you are looking for treats to sweeten up a wedding, christening, party or event, retro sweets are perfect for all occasions. Satisfy a sweet tooth before busting some moves on the dance floor or have some good old-fashioned fun with a game of ‘Guess how many sweets are in the jar’. One of the most popular options, if you are catering for a large crowd, is a Sweet Bar. These beautiful selections of glass sweet jars are not only filled with the tastiest traditional and retro sweets on offer but also look stunning and would make a great table centrepiece or addition to any party. Complete with metal tongs and paper bags to create an authentic retro feel, it is sure to bring a smile to even the fussiest of guests. Just a few ideas of the tasty treats inside include Black Jacks, fizzy Flying Saucers and fruity Jelly Babies - yum!

If you are looking for specific sweets from your childhood, all our retro sweets are categorised into the decades they originate from. Not only is this perfect for finding all your favourites that you remember but is also great for finding new sweet treats and goodies that you may not have tried before. For example, the 80s were when sweets really came alive and sweets of the 80s are some of the most popular around. Remember Fizz Wiz, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads? All from the 80s! Big Lips? Another 80s classic! But by far the most popular sweets from the 80s were Gumballs. Commercially available gum was invented way back in the 1850s when, rumour has it, a New York greengrocer was unhappy that normal flat gum was not selling and threw a piece across the store when it fell in a bag of sugar. He then noticed it’s new shiny appearance and the gumball was born! It wasn’t until the 80s that Gumball machines and the brightly coloured delights we know today were developed and we are so glad that they did!

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