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Which of These Retro Sweets Do You Remember?

There are new sweets created every week with new flavours, shapes and crazy colours. However, here at Keep It Sweet we are firm believer that no matter how weird, wacky or wonderful these new creations are, old school is always best! Our fantastic, extensive range of Retro Sweets contains all your favourite sweets straight from your school days and is the perfect (tasty!) trip down memory lane - just how many of these childhood classics can you remember?

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Some of the most well known and well loved retro sweets are the ones which have never grown old. Retro Chews continue to be some of the bestsellers in the sweet world and its not hard to see why! Fruit Salads are sure to bring back plenty of memories for many of us, particularly if you were a child of the 80s or before. These fruity favourites are jam packed full of mouth watering flavour and even still come in the iconic bright yellow and pink packaging that is just as nostalgic as the sweets inside! Or maybe you were more of a Black Jacks fan? Back in the good old days of penny sweets, these used to be 2 for a penny! We know where all our pocket money went! These classic aniseed delights are just the same as they used to be and are another firm favourite that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face (especially when they turn your tongue an unusual shade of black!)

On the topic of penny sweets, how many other traditional Retro Sweets can you remember? One of the most iconic classic retro sweets is Liquorice. Whether you love it or hate it, liquorice is one of the oldest retro sweets around and is still just as popular as it once was. In fact, this traditional favourite dates back as far as 2044 BC, where it is said the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs enjoyed chewing this old school treat. It has since been used in a number of recipes, medicines and potions, along with being one of the most popular sweets of all time - if its stayed around for that long it must be good, right!? Take a look at our range of liquorice sweets including Liquorice Twists, Liquorice Wands and many others and you’re sure to be onto a winner with your family and friends.

Next up on our list of favourite Retro Sweets are all sweets cola flavoured. The Cola Bottle is arguably the ultimate jelly sweet of all time and frequently ranks up there on the nation’s favourites! Remember spending your pennies on these in a pick and mix? Or sneaking a few when your mum wasn’t looking? Deliciously chewy and with a mouth-watering tang, these are the perfect treats for every cola enthusiast out there! Or tuck into the many other cola sweets we’ve got on offer to satisfy your sugar fix.

Another childhood favourite in the world of Retro Sweets are Sherbet Dip Dabs. Not only do these taste DELICIOUS, but they are also just as much fun to eat as they taste! Can you dip the fruity lolly into the tongue-tingling fizzy sherbet without spilling half of it over yourself? We certainly can’t but that’s all part of the fun! Or why not ensure you’re never short of a sugary snack and buy a bulk box of these eye-watering delights? With 50 packets in a box, you won’t run short for a while! If you want to step it up a notch then why not try some even sourer Retro Sweets? The days of Toxic Waste in the playground are sure to bring back memories - but can you still handle the sour? Competing with your friends over who can eat the sourest sweets without making a face never gets old so be sure to get your hands on some today! We even have Sweet and Sour Jars filled with 2 litres of all the best sour retro sweets in them. Filled with everything from Eyepoppers to Snot Shots, this is the perfect gift for any sour sweet lovers out there and can be delivered straight to your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Get tasting!

And of course we can’t talk about Retro Sweets without mentioning Chocolate - which we can 100% guarantee will never get old! Chocolate has a rich history, with chocolate flavoured beverages dating back to 1900BC. After its arrival in the sixteenth century, sugar was added to chocolate and it became much more popular throughout Europe. Our brilliant chocolate range contains all the best mouth-watering chocolate treats you could think of - from classic Chocolate Coins to delicious Pink Jazzie Hearts that would make the perfect gift to a special someone or would look great displayed in one of our beautiful Glass Sweet Jars. We’ve also got chocolate sweets in a whole host of other wacky shapes - fancy some Chocolate Fish and Chips? Or maybe some Milk Chocolate Alien Skulls!? If so, you know where to find them.

View our full range of Retro Sweets here and get in touch if you need any help selecting any of your old favourites.