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Which of These Traditional Sweets Do You Remember?

Could you ever forget the innocent childhood days of flying saucers and tuck shops? Why not reignite your youthful flame of taste buds and dive into the mouth-watering world of fizzy dummies and drumsticks! Traditional sweets are a speciality here at Keep It Sweet, but why not challenge yourself into testing your knowledge and see if you can remember all these sensations from your school days… 

Candy Necklaces | Retro Sweets | Keep It Sweet Large Jazzies - Milk Chocolate Jazzies sweets | Keep It Sweet

Did you ever wear candy necklaces round your neck to impress your most recent crush at school? Well why not impress your sweet loved one today and win over their nostalgic heart once again with this delicious and enjoyable treat! Transforming you into an immediate fashion icon, this delicacy would be perfect for weddings to woo your guests and give them those much needed accessories. How about adding those precious candy whistles to the party to compliment the already fun-packed and flavoursome activities of the night? Win your treasured one’s attention by blowing on a whistle, before getting blown away by its glorious flavour!  

Our range of traditional and mouth-watering delicacies is often too hard to choose from! If you can’t decide which retro sweets to pick, why not take a look at our Retro Sweets Jars? Our ever popular Retro Classics Jar is available in 3 different sizes to suit every budget and is full of an assorted selection of our most popular retro sweets. People can’t get enough of this perfect gift for sweet-toothed friends or work colleagues needing a sugar high. Or why not just tend to your own needs and gobble the lot! You deserve a treat!  

 Could you ever stand the sour yet succulent sensation of the daring Toxic Waste? Why not spice up your selection with these dangerously sour traditional sweets that will certainly make you screw up your eyes. Immerse yourself with a barrel of risk and thrills for all age groups to enjoy, if you dare! Looking for something a little less daring but still makes your cheeks tingle with tanginess? Well then why not try our very popular selection of fizzy sweets! Some of our traditional favourites include fizzy fishes, fizzy blue bottles, and fizzy belts that will undoubtedly tickle your fancy. Keep It Sweets’ large range of fizzy flavours will be sure to send your tongue on a wild and wonderous adventure and can even be delivered the day after you order them! Now that’s sweet service! 

 Are you a raging chocoholic? Can you not resist the temptation of that dark melting deliciousness? Look no further for that release! We offer countless types of traditional chocolates you ever so loved at a kid, bursting with value and quality in each and every one. From Milk Chocolate Footballs and Mini Eggs to Mother of all Jazzies and Chocolate Hearts, who isn’t going to enjoy these delights 

 Do you ever find yourself discovering only disappointment at the bottom of the jar instead of more sweets? If so, stay stocked up by buying in bulk. Whether you want to stock up the cupboards for cosy nights in, are catering for a kid’s party or are looking for a gift for a sweet-toothed pal, you can never have enough Bon Bons, Apple Whips and other traditional treats at the ready for those occasions. Why not try our legendary and extremely popular Retro Tuckshop Box. Do you know a group of people or a family that LOVES sweets? If so this box is the perfect gift containing retro sweets to please even the fussiest of people and that also looks great. We can even arrange gift wrapping to save you even more hassle when gift shopping. 

 Put the kettle on love! Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea? Why not perfectly compliment it with coconut Toasted Teacakes! Perfect for summer parties or a family get together, these will be sure to bring everyone together! If you need some more British delights to go with the cuppa or to celebrate a royal event, the Best of British Bag comes in multiple sizes with all the traditionally British sweets you will need. These fantastic bags will go down a storm! But I’m sure you’re used to that with the British Weather! Or why not tuck into some Coconut Ice for some more coconut goodness?  These yellow and pink delights will be sure to brighten and beautify the area. 

 Take a look at our full range of personalised sweets and get choosing your gifts today! Why not take a quick look at a treat or two for yourself as well why you’re at it - shhh! We won’t tell!