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Which retro toy should accompany your retro sweets?

From Pear Drops to Apple Whips, the options for retro sweets are endless. They make the perfect Birthday gift, wedding favour and party addition, but the only thing missing is retro toys! Get the full retro feel with our fun range of retro toys - old-fashioned entertainment for children and adults alike.

Retro toys are perfect for party bags. Whether it’s a child’s Birthday party or a themed party, retro toys are guaranteed to bring out everyone’s inner fun side and put a smile on people’s faces. Pocket Puzzle Bubbles are the ideal toy to keep the kids entertained. This colourful tub of bubble mixture, with a tricky ball puzzle game in the lid, is sure to entertain anyone for hours on end and is a toy that will get used time and time again - bubbles will never get old! Another great addition to a child’s party bag is a Smiley Boingy. This iconic childhood favourite is affordable and watching it’s big yellow head rocketing through the air will provide endless amounts of fun!

Retro toys are also a unique way to bring out your guests’ inner child at a wedding. Along with one of our Retro Sweet Wedding Favours, a retro toy will ensure to keep your guests happy and give them a small piece of the day to take away with them. A classic magnetic Wooly Willy toy will be sure to keep your guests smiling after dinner and may even allow some of them to create their very own future groom! Another great party giveaway is Flying Gliders; build and compare your planes before engaging in some friendly competition to see who’s can fly the furthest. Or for a more sophisticated approach to a childhood must-have, why not treat your guests to Champagne Bubbles? Perfect alongside some Mini Lovehearts and maybe some real champagne!

Another popular use of retro toys is at Halloween. At the one time of year where no excuse needs to be made for devouring in sweets galore, small toys are the perfect addition to a party or to hand out to ‘trick or treat’ers. Make people jump out of their skin with a Jumping Spider or taunt your family and friends with a Flexiface. Retro toys are bursting to the brim with fun waiting to be unleashed.


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