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Why are Old Fashioned Sweets and Retro Sweets so popular?

Black and red sweets

Why are old fashioned sweets and retro sweets so popular?

There are so many sweets for us to choose from nowadays. There are new creations available to us all the time yet we all seem to have that old favourite.

Maybe one of the reasons these old fashioned sweets are so popular now is because they take us out of our hectic lives for a brief moment and back to a time where things were simple. Our childhood. A specific taste that can trigger a memory and take us to a place that up until that point we had long forgotten about.

One of my favourite retro sweets is Blackberries and Raspberries. As soon as I taste them, I remember walking round to the corner shop with my Mum. I would take a small paper bag from the shelf and fill them with the Pick and Mix of my choice. Something I would look forward to all the time as a child.

These old fashioned sweets have the power to bring the child out in all of us. If you fill a jar full of retro sweets, such as Candy Shrimps, Bananas, Jazzies, Fizzers, Palma Violets and many more wonderful old fashioned sweets. Place it in a room with a group of adults. Once opened sit back and watch these sweets turn them into children again. They will all have their own favourites which they will immediately make a beeline for. More than likely the topic of conversation will be them reminiscing about their childhood memories.

Personally I think the reason why these traditional sweets are so popular is the feeling of nostalgia they give you when you eat them. Granted these new sweets available to us are great but they don’t give us the same feeling as our old favourites. We all have special childhood memories that are triggered by the taste of these wonderful sweets.

Maybe next time you are passing a sweet shop, take a look inside. Purchase a packet of your favourite retro sweets from your own childhood. See where they take you. Maybe you can tell us why you think they are so popular.

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