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Why branded confectionery is the perfect promotional tool

There is always pressure on businesses to come up with new and innovative promotion methods. Branded confectionery is creative and unique, is available in a huge number of different varieties and there is something to suit every business.

Corporate branded confectionery comes in many forms - from bags of sweets, sweet tins and branded chocolate bars, there are many options on how to get across your brand or message. For example, Customised Boiled Sweets are perfect for attracting customers at a corporate event or to hand out to potential customers or clients. They allow great flexibility and the colour, flavour, centre, pattern, shape and wrapper can all be made to suit your business. For example, why not order Boiled Sweets to match your business colour scheme? Or why not mix and match with flavours and create a truly unique sweet, to ensure customers remember your business?

Branded Sweet Jars not only look great, but can also be filled with any delicious sweets of your choice. Choose from printed or etched glass jars or plastic jars with labels and a variety of sizes to suit every budget. Why not place on the table during a meeting for everyone to dig into and to ensure that your business sticks in their mind? Sticks of Rock or Rock Pieces are another great way to promote your business with branded confectionery. Put your own twist on this classic favourite with a company logo or message and create a delicious advertising tool!

Dragees are also a great way to get your business across to customers. Made with a 70% cocoa centre and a thin crispy sugar shell, these bite sized treats look almost too good to be eaten and are available in a wide range of different colours. These would be perfect to hand out to customers in a shop or at an event.

Whatever your business, there is branded confectionery to suit you. View our corporate sweets range online today and to do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you create the perfect promotional tool.