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Why Choose Plastic Sweet Jars Over Glass Sweet Jars?

We can all remember childhood days spent at the corner shop picking out our favourite sweet treats from the Glass Jars all laid out behind the counter. But as time has moved on, there’s a new kid on the block… Plastic Sweet Jars. But just why should you choose Plastic Sweet Jars over beautifully traditional Glass ones? Here’s why!...

Plastic Sweet Jars | Keep It SweetPlastic Sweet Jars | Keep It Sweet

Here at Keep It Sweet we have a large selection of Plastic Sweet Jars and Plastic Cookie Jars available, which are perfect for storing all your favourite sweet treats in. Take a trip down memory lane with Vintage Plastic Sweet Jars, just like the ones you’ll remember from the old sweet shop in the village, to a range of brightly coloured lids to jazz up your jar and add a fun decorative twist to your snack storage!

One of our most popular plastic sweet jars is our 1 litre jar. This jar is the perfect in-between size for storing sweet treats for the family, giving the perfect memorable and unique gift or for storing bits and bobs around the house. A family sweet jar is not only the perfect way to reward the kids and unwind after a long day, but also looks great as a colourful table centre piece. Why not treat the family to some of your childhood favourite sweets and take them on a trip down memory lane? Take a look here at some of our traditional sweets to back plenty of nostalgic memories!

Sweet Jars also make for the perfect gift for any sweet toothed pal or family member and is a unique way to show somebody your appreciation. However, if that person is anything like us, the sweets won’t stay in the jar for too long! That’s why sweet jars also make the perfect stylish storage solution to store everything from dry kitchen goods to all the odd bits and bobs that never seem to find a home. Our Glass Sweet Jars, as beautiful as they are, may not be the safest if you have small kiddies (or clumsy adults) running around so Plastic Sweet Jars are the perfect alternative. (They’re also cheaper too - meaning even more pennies to spend on sweets!)

When it comes to gift-giving, we’ve all got those friends or family members that are impossible to buy for. Plastic Sweet Jars are the ideal gift to please even the fussiest of friends and is even a gift suitable for that one person who has everything. Our Girls Sweetie Jar is one of our most popular jars and is the perfect gift for a female friend or sweet-toothed lady in your life! Available in 3 different sizes to suit every budget, this plastic sweet jar is filled with loads of sugary treats including Chewits, Hubba Bubba, Malteasers and many more that are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Or our Sweet and Sour Jar is perfect for anyone with a taste for all things tangy! Packed with delicious treats including Toxic Waste, Zappers and Mega Sour Balls, this bumper filled jar is sure to get taste buds tingling and if you’re lucky, the receiver may even share a few of the delights inside! (If not, then why not get one for you at the same time? We all deserve a gift-to-self every now and again!)

And Plastic Sweet Jars aren’t only good for decorating homes either; our range of Branded Jars would make the perfect addition to the meeting room or sprinkled around the office. Choose from plastic jars with printed labels or printed or etched glass jars that are completely personalised and unique to your business. Add your brand name, a logo or even a special message to impress customers and clients and to put an exciting twist on the classic tea and biscuits in important meetings - after all, who doesn’t love sweets?! We have small 380ml jars perfect for handing out at corporate events or exhibitions, or alternatively we have larger jars right up to 5 litre jars more suited for business gifts for a loyal client or simply to spread some sweet cheer amongst staff. If you have any queries regarding Branded Plastic Sweet Jars or any of our other products, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact today via email to or alternatively you can call us on 01202 486256.


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