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Why Personalised Sweets Make the Perfect Gift

What to get the person who has everything? What gift is appropriate for the occasion? If you are struggling to find the perfect gift or are simply a bit stuck for ideas then look no further! Personalised sweets are a unique and fun present suitable for all ages and any occasion. 

Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar | Keep It Sweet Retro Cup | Keep It Sweet

Personalised Sweet Jars are a great way to give someone a special nostalgic present with a personal touch that will ensure they remember it for years to come. Each jar allows up to 3 lines of your own text to be printed on to get your message across and is available in a variety of sizes to suit every budget. From Easter Jars filled with chocolatey delights to Love Jars filled with Mini Lovehearts and all sweets love-themed, we offer a huge range of different themed jars to cater for every occasion. One of our jars with the most possibilities is the Retro Personalised Sweet Jar. Filled with all your retro favourites and old classics such as White Mice, Milk Chews and Sherbet Fountains, it is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or even a thankyou present and is sure to satisfy a sweet tooth for months! 

So just why do we love traditional and retro sweets so much? The growing popularity of these tasty treats is largely a trend for adults. With everything from Pear Drops to Toasted Teacakes to dig into, there is guaranteed to be something that reminds you of your childhood and will not only taste too good to be true, but also bring the memories flooding back. It seems like everyday there are new sweets appearing in the supermarket aisles (often weird and wacky!) but unlike retro sweets, they won’t bring an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and hit that sentimental sweet spot! One of the most popular retro sweets that are devoured by children and adults alike are jelly sweets. From Jelly Phones to Jelly Snails, they are available in a huge variety of different shapes, colours and flavours and are some of the most fun to eat. The first known jelly sweets were Jelly Teddy Bears - these soft and juicy fruit flavoured teddy shaped sweets are some of the cutest and tastiest sweets and are an iconic childhood classic. What better way to remember those carefree school days than with these delicious retro sweets? Or why not ‘propose’ with a Jelly Ring? Or surprise your friends with a Jelly Snake? 

As a birthday gift, a wedding decoration or a party centre piece, a glass sweet jar is a perfect way to bring a sense of nostalgia to any occasion and create the feel of a traditional sweet shop. Personalising a sweet jar is a great way to add a special touch and to ensure that the jar not only contains delicious sweets but also looks highly effective. Here are a few suggestions on how to personalise your very own sweet jar… 

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to personalise a glass sweet jar is with ribbons. Simply tying around the bobble top lid is quick, easy and can turn a plain jar into a stunning decoration. To make your jar even more personal, why not colour co-ordinate the ribbon to the sweets inside? For example, if you choose pastel sweets such as Flying Saucers, using pastel ribbons would add a traditional feel, perfect for a wedding table decoration or a Christening gift.  

Another fun way to personalise a glass sweet jar is with glass paints. Choose your own design and unleash your creative side to add some excitement to an ordinary glass jar. Glass paints are a great way to create a unique gift for a close friend or family member. Paint their name along with a pretty design or pattern and fill with retro sweets such as Jelly Beans or Bon Bons to make a gift that is unforgettable. Or to make personalising a jar even easier, why not use stencils? For example, small glass sweet jars would make a great wedding favour. Make your own stencil with your initials and a simple heart or small design, to ensure not to block the view of the pretty sweets inside and paint away! Sure to put a smile on every guest’s face.  

So whether it be a Birthday, a Christening or even a moving in present, personalised sweets are the perfect go-to gift for any occasion and can be ordered hassle-free online from the comfort of your own home. View our full range of personalised sweets here and our range of gifts here and order online today.