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Why We Love Personalised Sweets (And You Should Too!)

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone that’s notoriously hard to please or are in charge of feeding the masses at a party or event, personalised sweets are your answer to everything! Here at Keep It Sweet not only do we have hundreds of all your old school sweets and treats available, but we also have a fantastic range of personalised sweets if you really want to go the extra mile… 

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One of the most popular uses for personalised sweets are as gifts. Whether somebody’s got a big birthday coming up or you simply want to give a gift to remember, we have options suitable for every occasion that are sure to put a big smile on any sweet-lovers’ face! For individual gifts our range of personalised sweet jars are the perfect option that won’t break the bank. With an extensive range of different themes to choose from - there is sure to be something to take everyone’s fancy - or why not start from scratch and create your very own jar for the ultimate unique, one-off gift? One of our most popular personalised sweet jars is the Retro Personalised Sweet Jar. This classic jar is suitable for all occasions and is crammed full of all the most popular retro sweets from years gone by. Take a trip down memory lane with tongue-tingling Sherbet Fountainscreamy chocolate White Micemouth-watering Fruit Salads and more. And its not just the tasty contents that are sure to put a smile on someone’s face - you can add up to 3 lines of your own text to any of our personalised sweet jars which we will print on one of our colourful labels so you can create a truly unique and fun filled gift that is sure to be remembered for years to come (and you won’t have to worry they won’t like it!)  

Personalised sweets are a great unique gift for all ages. Maybe you’re searching high and low for a gift for someone who has everything? Our Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar is the ultimate gift for those annoying people who have it all and are impossible to buy for. Filled with everything from Fizz Wiz Popping Candy to traditional White Mice, simply add your own birthday message to be printed on the sticker and you can’t go wrong with this quirky gift. We also have Love Jars and Boys Jars for you to personalise and all it takes it a few clicks of a button…you don’t even have to leave your sofa! 

Another fantastic use for personalised sweets and just another reason on the long list of why we love them is that they are great for weddings and big parties. What better way to unite your guests and to get them onto the dance floor than with all their favourite sweets straight from their school days!? Our selection of sweet wedding favours ranges from traditional favourites including boiled sweets, to retro childhood favourites that are sure to bring your guests a sense of nostalgia and fill them with plenty of happy memories from days gone by. One of our most popular sweets for weddings are Milk Chocolate Hearts. Wonderfully simple and blissfully delicious, these beautifully rich and creamy delights are available in over 15 different coloured wrappers for you to match your colour scheme, pick your favourite or select a variety of different colours. Why not sprinkle these across the tables for a pretty addition to your wedding that looks great as well as tasting truly scrumptious! You could even add a personalised touch and add labels or ribbons to suit your colour scheme, or fill jars on the tables with your own favourite sweets to celebrate your big day. We can also add personalised stickers with pictures, photos and text to make a sentimental memento. Personalised sweets are not only a great way to impress your guests on the day, but also to ensure they are filled with happy memories for years to come. 

Lastly, personalised sweets are also a fantastic way for businesses and brands to stand out from the crowd and market themselves. Traditional marketing techniques can lose effect when everyone is using them so be sure that your brand is different with personalised sweets: a unique and highly effective marketing tool. There are many different branded confectionery options to suit every budget, no matter what products or services you provide. One of our most popular product options for promotional sweets are Personalised Bags of Sweets. Bags could be filled with our most popular retro sweets, such as Jelly Beans or Boiled Sweets , or you could select sweets to match promotions, for example Strawberry Bon Bons for a pink logo, or Candy Nuts and Bolts for a business in the building or engineering industries. A branded bag will ensure that customers and clients remember your business and there is lots of flexibility available to allow you to make a powerful marketing tool. 

View our full range of personalised sweets here and don’t hesitate to get in contact with any ideas, requests or queries you may have!