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Woo your loved one with Valentine’s Day Sweets

Are you looking for a unique and special gift that is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth? Here at Keep It Sweet we stock a delicious range of beautifully romantic Valentine’s Day sweets and chocolate, along with jars, gifts and tuck shop classics for a tasty sweet Valentine’s Day Treat.  

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Even if you’re not a hopeless romantic, we have the perfect Valentine’s Day Sweets for you to wow your loved one with. Whether you’re stuck for ideas or are looking for a last minute, hassle free present, we have sweets to suit even the fussiest of eaters. Valentine’s Day Sweet Jars contain a fantastic selection of romantic themed sweets and a whole lot of delicious heart shaped goodies for your loved one to dig into (and hopefully share!) It also comes in a beautiful glass or plastic bobble-topped jar to bring back plenty of nostalgic memories of childhood afternoons spent in the old sweet shop! For example, our ever-popular Love Jar is filled with Ring Pops, Heart shaped Lollipops, Malteasers and a whole host of other truly delicious sweets to put a smile on a special somebody’s face - after all, the way to someone’s heart is through their taste buds!

Maybe you’re looking for a modern alternative to all these traditional Valentine’s gifts? Alongside our Valentine’s Day Sweet Jars, we have everything from Tutti Frutti Party Bags to Retro Jars to help you celebrate Valentine’s your way. For example, maybe your partner if football crazy? If so, then you won’t need a box of chocolates and a card to please them - our Football Jar is the perfect gift for a footie fan and is sure to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Mini Lovehearts are one of the most iconic and most loved Valentine’s Day Sweets. These classic fruity sweets were first put in Christmas crackers over the festive period and the packets used to be painted by hand. Since then, they have became so popular that it was decided they were to be sold all year around - much to our delight now! They have been translated into multiple different languages, given away with famous comics and a sculpture of the nation’s favourite sweet was even placed in the Millennium Dome as a chosen icon of the 20th century. Our Loveheart Cubes are a great unique bite-sized gift to dig into after dinner and keep a sweet tooth satisfied. Or we even have a Mini Love Hearts Bulk Bag, containing approximately 250 rolls, to ensure you’re stocked up on these tasty treats for the rest of the year!

And along with Mini Lovehearts, we have plenty of smaller bite-sized sweets and goodies to munch on and reminisce on happy memories. If there’s ever an excuse needed for a bit of chocolate therapy, Valentine’s Day is one of them! Chocolate Cups are one of our tastiest chocolate treats that are the perfect gift or gift to self. These oh-so-delicious treats also come in Mint and Strawberry flavours that are sure to tickle your taste buds and brighten a special somebody’s day. We also have very pretty edible Chocolate Flavoured Pebbles for a yummy gift that also looks stunning. Fill one of our Glass Jars with these Valentine’s Day Sweets to create a beautiful gift that can also be used again long after the contents have been devoured!

And not only are sweet jars a unique and fun Valentine’s gift, but we also stock a range of Personalised Sweet Jars for you to add your own message to, in order to create a truly special and memorable gift that really has the wow factor and will show you’ve gone the extra mile! Our Retro Personalised Sweet Jar comes in both small and large sizes and is decorated with an attractive brightly coloured sticker with your own message printed on. Jam packed with some of the greatest retro sweets of all time, including everything from heavenly Flumps to tongue-tingling Flying Saucers, there is something for everyone in this fantastic jar that is a great sweet way to show how much you care.

Along with Valentine’s Day Sweets, we have a wide range of non-edible gifts to mix up the usual flowers or cufflinks. For example, our Personalised Rustic Crate is a beautiful wax-finished antique look wooden box that makes a great table centre piece or gift box for a partner, parent or that special somebody you’ve been pining over! Similar to our Rustic Crate is our range of Candy Crates. Choose your own message to be printed on this beautiful distressed vintage box, which contains 7 different glass jars and all the tasty sweets to fill them with! And to bring a sense of nostalgia to this gift, it also contains metal scoops, tongs and candy striped bags to take you and your loved one back to childhood days gone by. Yum!

And not only are our Valentine’s Day Sweets a perfect go-to gift to please even those annoying people who have everything, but they also save you the hassle of the high-street. All of our products can be delivered straight to your door, or direct to the person who you are sending a gift to. Maybe you are running a busy schedule and only just remembered about Valentine’s a few days before? Do not fear! We also offer next day delivery that is simple and cost-effective to save you the stress of a last minute supermarket dash!

All of our gifts are unique and are sure to be remembered for years to come, but they also allow you to add your own personal romantic twists and touches to add the extra wow factor. For example, get creative with some glass paints on one of our beautiful jars (and if you’re not Picasso - don’t worry, it’s the thought that counts, right?!) or sweeten up some sugary treats with a sprinkle of confetti - always guaranteed to be appreciated!

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