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The Essential Guide To Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a magnificent way of saying thank you to your guests and they can also be used to decorate and personalise your reception tables. There are a variety of unique and traditional wedding favours to suit all types of wedding themes and venues, so you’re guaranteed to find a favour that appeals to you. However, many people are completely inexperienced when it comes to choosing the perfect favour and that’s why we’re here to help.

Within this guide to wedding favours, we’ve answered all the crucial questions about wedding favours to ensure you pick the perfect ones for your special day.


Table Of Contents

  • What Are Wedding Favours?

  • The History of Wedding Favours

  • What Are Traditional Wedding Favours?

  • How Much Do You Spend On Wedding Favours?

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Favours

  • 5 Budget Friendly Favour Ideas

  • 10 Wedding Favour Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

  • 10 Unique and Quirky Wedding Favour Ideas

  • The Best Edible Wedding Favours

  • The Best Vegan Wedding Favours

  • 5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

  • The Best Favours For Rustic Weddings

  • Top Favours For Summer Weddings

  • 5 Festive Favours For A Winter Wedding

  • Can You Make Your Own Wedding Favours?

  • Should You Purchase Wedding Favours For Children?

  • Why Should You Give Guests Wedding Favours?


What Are Wedding Favours?

Wedding favours are small gifts for your guests that show your appreciation for them sharing your special day with you. Wedding favours can almost be anything to reflect your wedding theme, personality or relationship with your partner. From olive oil to hangover kits, there are a range of different unique, quirky and traditional wedding favours to choose from. Wedding favours can be used as a keepsake and can be cherished by your guests for many years to come.


The History of Wedding Favours

Wedding favours were first known as ‘bonbonnieres’ and were gifts given to guests as a gesture of appreciation. It is suggested that bonbonnieres were popular amongst European aristocrats. A bonbonniere is a small box made out of either crystal or porcelain, the small box would generally contain sugar cubes which was previously known as a symbol of wealth. Eventually, sugar cubes became more affordable so they were replaced with sugared almonds. For many centuries, almonds were given to wedding guests to indicate well wishes on the wedding couple’s new life.

Today, there are a wide range of different wedding favours to choose from and new ideas are forever emerging. There are a variety of different favours to suit various different wedding themes.


What Are Traditional Wedding Favours?

Typically, the most traditional wedding favour is sugar coated almonds. Sugar coated almonds are used as wedding favours for numerous reasons. Almonds have a bittersweet taste, which is believed to indicate life’s highs and lows. The sugar coating of the almond emphasises the wish that the wedding couple’s married life will be sweet rather than bitter. Typically, five sugar coated almonds are given to wedding guests signifying health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. In Greece, it is a common myth that if a single woman sleeps with sugar coated almonds under her pillow she will dream about her future husband. In recent times, there is more a variety of different wedding favours to choose from such as personalised lollipops, customised bottle openers and homemade limoncello. However, no matter how peculiar and unique the favours still represent the 5 blessings of marriage.


How Much Do You Spend On Wedding Favours?

It’s estimated that most wedding couples spend anywhere between £2 and £5 on each wedding favour. However, when buying wedding favours, it is beneficial to consider the size of your guest list and the budget you have. Wedding couples who have a large guest list will typically spend less on wedding favours as the total cost might end up being too high. On the other hand, some wedding couples like to show their appreciation by spoiling their guests with extravagant and expensive wedding favours.

If you’re looking to find wedding favours on a budget it could be worthwhile to create your own. From handmade soaps to homemade jam, there are a range of different ways you can create unique and fun favours for your guests. If you’re not the creative type, then edible wedding favours are usually an affordable choice. Consider providing your guests with artisan popcorn or delicious and creamy fudge to enjoy on the drive home.

No matter how much you spend on wedding favours, it’s good to remember that guests aren’t always expecting an elaborate gift. It’s important to choose the best wedding favours for your budget and also the theme of your wedding. 


The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Favours

As well as planning a range of different activities for your special day it can be quite easy to forget about wedding favours. Wedding favours aren’t a necessity and if you already have a small budget then you should think twice about including them within your big day. However, if you’re keen to show your appreciation for your guests who have travelled to celebrate with you on your big day, these are the essential do’s and don’ts you need to know.

Don’t Have Wedding Favours Just For The Sake Of It

If you’re only buying wedding favours because you feel like you’re obliged to, then you might as well not bother at all. You’re already treating your guests to a day of food, drinks and entertainment, so wedding favours aren’t always vital. However, if you’re extremely keen to give your guests a wedding favour then it could be good to consider cheap options such as edible or handmade favours.

Do Consider Eco Friendly and Vegan Wedding Favours

Eco friendly and vegan wedding favours are perfect for everyone to enjoy. It could be believed that wedding favours are a waste of resources and if not correctly planned weddings can be hugely damaging to the environment. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. From succulents to soy candles, there are many different unique and exciting eco-friendly and vegan wedding favours that your guests will love.

Do Choose Wedding Favours That Are Convenient

Wedding favours can be good keepsakes but they can also be gifts which are convenient and useful for your guests. Convenient wedding favours could include candles, drink coasters, botte openers and olive oil. Useful wedding favours may not be the most exciting gifts, but they are worthwhile to consider so your guests receive something they can use within their day to day lives.

Don’t Create Your Own Favours If You Don’t Have The Spare Time

If you’re planning on creating your own wedding favours then it’s important you have the free time to do so. Some couples can underestimate the amount of time they have on the week of their wedding and creating wedding favours can be incredibly time consuming. If you’re creating homemade edible favours such as cookies or cakes you need to ensure that they are as fresh as possible, so making them a few days before the wedding will be the best idea. Typically, most edible wedding favours will need to be made and packaged the day before or even on the day of the wedding. This can make things stressful as you’ll more than likely have other important issues to deal with closer to the big day. 

Do Consider The Theme Of Your Wedding When Buying Favours

Typically, wedding favours are placed at your guest’s tables as it’s the best way to ensure everyone receives a favour. If your wedding favours don’t match your table decorations then it could spoil the theme of your wedding. If having your wedding favours on your guest tables is an issue, it could be beneficial to present your wedding favours in a unique and fascinating display, this will create a stunning focal point and detail for your wedding.

Do include a Thank You Note

Regardless of what you choose as a wedding favour or if you even decide to not give them at all, you should definitely find a way to thank your guests. A small thank you can go a long way, especially with guests who have travelled hundreds of miles to celebrate with you. Showing your gratitude and appreciation can help to build relationships that could last a life time. Your thank you note doesn’t have to be complicated just something simple that highlights your gratitude.


5 Budget Friendly Favour Ideas

You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive wedding favours to please your guests. From tea bags to lottery tickets, there are a range of affordable and unique wedding favours to choose from.

Ferrero Rocher Treats

Ferrero Rocher’s are delicious Italian chocolates that have a unique taste. A whole hazelnut in the middle and creamy hazelnut filling make these chocolates one of the most delightful treats on the market. Ferrero Rocher’s are individually wrapped in a gold foil, this makes them perfect for wedding favours. You can easily use Ferrero Rocher’s as a fun and unique placeholder or simply just place these elegant chocolates on your guest’s dinner tables.

Lottery Ticket 

A lottery ticket can make a fun and exciting wedding favour for your guests. You can easily place the lottery ticket in a personalised envelope with your guest’s name and watch their faces fill with anticipation as they open them. You could even provide your guests with scratch cards and a lucky penny so they can scratch their winning numbers.

After Dinner Mints 

After Dinner mints are mouth-watering peppermint chocolates, filled with a flavoursome fondant centre. Peppermint is widely known as a convenient organic digestive and merging this fresh herb with silky dark or velvety smooth milk chocolate makes a delicious treat. After a heavenly wedding dinner, a small after dinner mint can be the perfect snack. Simply place personalised after dinner mints on your guest’s dinner tables for them to enjoy before they hit the dancefloor.

Kinder Surprise 

Kinder Surprise includes the taste of delicious and smooth kinder chocolate, with a fun and unique toy in every egg.  Kinder Surprises are loved by children and adults alike and they can make quirky and amusing wedding favours. These entertaining chocolate eggs can be fantastic conversation starters!

Unique Tea Bags

Delightful herbal teas such as chamomile, peppermint, ginger and hibiscus can make the perfect wedding favour. Everyone loves a relaxing cup of tea and providing your guests with tea bags in a small personalised envelope can be a great affordable wedding favour. There’s a wide variety of different blends of tea to choose from such as festive spiced apple chai or calming lemon and ginger.


10 Wedding Favour Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

From refreshing homemade limoncello to enchanting mini scented candles, there’s a variety of different exciting wedding favour ideas to choose from. Here are 10 unique and traditional wedding favour ideas, guaranteed to inspire you and impress your guests.

Customised Popcorn Gift Bags 

Popcorn isn’t just for the cinema; this delicious and crunchy treat can make for the perfect edible wedding favour. Design and customise your own wedding popcorn bags and fill them with scrumptious sweet or salted popcorn. You could even create your dream wedding popcorn bar with a selection of delicious gourmet and artisan popcorn. Gain some inspiration from Pinterest and create eye catching customised popcorn gift bags today.

Mini Olive Oil 

Mini bottles of olive oil can make for exceptional convenient wedding favours. From flavoursome Spanish olive oil to traditional Greek extra virgin olive oil there’s a large variety to choose from. Have a look at Pinterest on how to create stunning olive oil wedding favours. 


Lollipops can make for the perfect edible wedding favour that your guests are guaranteed to enjoy. Local independent sweetshops often offer imaginative and stunning lollipops that are fantastic for weddings. Here at Keep It Sweet, we offer rainbow lollipops that are great for colourful wedding services. 

Mini scented candles

Mini scented candles can make for a delightful memorable wedding favour that your guests can cherish for many years to come. You can pick up a selection of mini scented candles that have distinctive scents from major supermarkets and department stores. Check out this blog post to find the best candle wedding favours in 2020.

Personalised Coasters

Personalised coasters can make for a useful wedding favour that your guests can use within their daily lives. You can personalise coasters to include a quote, the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. You can purchase a range of different personalised coasters from popular online retailers. Check out a range of fantastic coaster wedding favours on Pinterest.

Customised Bottle Openers 

A customised bottle opener is a useful and quirky wedding favour that your guests can use all year round. Online retailers such as Amazon offer a wide variety of bottle openers perfect for your special day. Choose from a range of metallic gold bottle openers, personalised ampersand bottle openers and wine bottle corkscrew openers.

Homemade Limoncello

Refreshing and zesty limoncello will go down a treat with your wedding guests. Limoncello is a delicious traditional Italian lemon liqueur that is simple and easy to make. By merely infusing lemon peels in vodka you can have heavenly limoncello within a few days. Check out this traditional homemade limoncello recipe from Great Italian Chefs. Supermarket and online retailers provide a range of different miniature glass bottles that are perfect for storing your fruity limoncello. You could also make your own glass bottle labels for your limoncello to add a personal touch. Homemade limoncello is an excellent affordable wedding favour assured to impress your guests.

Personalised Tote Bag

A tote bag is a fantastic shopping essential! Tote bags are great for trips to the local supermarket and days out, having one in your cupboard is a must. Major high street department stores and online retailers offer a range of stylish and personalised Tote bags in a variety of vibrant colours. You could also Personalise your tote bags with the name of the bride and groom or with the name of your guests. Your wedding guests will love these memorable stylish tote bags and will cherish them for many years to come. Get some inspiration from Pinterest and discover different personalised tote bags that are perfect for weddings today!

Customised Shot Glasses

Have your adult guests raise a shot to the happy couple with stylish customised shot glasses! Your wedding guests can also reuse the shot glasses for parties and social gatherings. Online retailers and large department stores offer a range of unique shot classes perfect for weddings. You can customise the shot glasses to include the surname of the married couple and the date of the wedding. Check out this blog post from Wedding Favours Unlimited to help pick the best personalised shot glasses for your wedding.

Wedding Day Festival Wristbands

Wedding day festival wristbands are a perfect unique and quirky wedding favour. Festival wristbands are fantastic for wedding couples who are planning to have a music themed wedding. Wedding day festival wristbands are great keepsakes that your guests will love and enjoy.


10 Unique and Quirky Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours don’t have to be as traditional as sugared almonds. From hangover kits to matchbox games there’s a variety of unique and quirky wedding favours to choose from.

Hangover Kits

Many of your guests will enjoy a drink or two on your special day and hangover kits will be a saviour for some who may have had a bit more than others. You can fill your hangover kits with essentials such as water, paracetamol and vitamins. Your guests are certain to love these useful hangover kits that are guaranteed to keep spirts high the morning after the wedding. Check out Pinterest to gain some inspiration on how to create the best hangover kit for your wedding guests,

Personalised Prosecco

Prosecco is both light and refreshing and over the years it has become an extremely popular party wine. Personalised prosecco is the perfect wedding favour for wine enthusiasts. Your guests will enjoy drinking the bottle at their next party or social gathering and reminiscing the memories they shared at your wedding. Check out this blog post on Hitched on other ways to use prosecco within your big day!

Custom Portrait Temporary Tattoos 

Custom temporary tattoos are a fantastic unusual wedding favour that will put a smile on your wedding guest’s faces. Temporary tattoos are a great way to celebrate your special day and they are assured to make for great entertainment at your wedding reception.

Chocolate Fish and Chips Cones 

Delicious white chocolate pieces in the shape of fish and chips, wrapped in a quirky decorated cardboard cone brings the classic English takeaway to life. Here at Keep It Sweet, we offer delicious chocolate fish and chips cones that are ideal for weddings. Personalise your fish and chips cones with stickers, text and images. Your wedding guests are guaranteed to enjoy these tasty chocolate fish and chips cones on the long drive home or as convenient after dinner snack. 

Personalised Wood Egg Cups 

Personalised wood egg cups can make for a quirky and convenient wedding favour that your guests can enjoy for many years to come. Supermarkets, department stores and arts & crafts stores often supply egg cups that are great for weddings. Personalise your egg cups to include the guest’s names or the name of the wedding couple and the date. Your guests will be able to use egg cups regularly and whilst enjoying their breakfast eggs they can reminisce about the memories they made on your special day.

Chocolate Flavoured Pebbles

Velvety smooth chocolate flavoured and sugar-coated pebbles can make for a delicious wedding favour that your guests are guaranteed to love. Here at Keep It Sweet, we offer chocolate flavoured pebbles that are great as wedding favours and also centre pieces. Your guests are certain to enjoy these realistic and tasty chocolate flavoured pebbles.

Matchbox Puzzles 

Matchbox puzzles can make for an excellent brain teasing wedding favour. Online retailers such as Amazon provide matchbox puzzles that are the perfect after dinner game. Quirky matchbox puzzles will provide hours of fun for your guests and are also a great conversation starter. Check out Pinterest on ways to fit matchbox puzzles within your special day.

Personalised Socks

Personalised socks can make for a quirky and unique wedding favour that your guests are certain to enjoy and use. Online retailers such as Amazon offer personalised socks which are perfect for wedding favours. Personalised socks are a fantastic keepsake that your guests will cherish for many years to come.

Personalised Gin

If you’re a lover of gin then why not share your passion with your guests? Supermarkets and major high street retailers provide personalised gin that is perfect for your guests to keep as a memento of your wedding day. The miniature bottles are usually pre-filled with refreshing dry gin that your guests are guaranteed to appreciate.

Retro Sweets Pick and Mix Bags

Retro sweets pick and mix bags can make for a delicious wedding favour that both adults and children will enjoy. Here at Keep It Sweet, we offer a range of heavenly retro pick and mix sweets that are perfect for weddings. From strawberry bonbons to flying saucers we have a variety of colourful and tempting retro sweets to choose from. We also offer a range of vibrant paper bags which are perfect for filling with luscious retro sweets.


The Best Edible Wedding Favours 

There is a variety of elegant and heavenly edible wedding favour ideas that will truly astonish your guests. From divine artisan chocolates to mouth-watering homemade cookies, you are certain to find something suitable for your wedding.


Creamy and flavoursome fudge is a perfect wedding favour that your guests will devour within seconds. Independent sweetshops offer bespoke fudge wedding favours that are excellent for any type of wedding. Most independent sweetshops have an assortment of mouth-watering fudge perfect for an intimate or large wedding.

Artisan chocolates

Velvety smooth artisan chocolates will have your guest’s taste buds tingling in an instance. Most independent sweetshops and high-end supermarkets offer a selection of heavenly artisan chocolates that will astonish your guests. From mouth-watering sea salted caramels to divine ruby chocolate bars you are bound to find aritsian chocolates suitable for your wedding. Here at Keep It Sweet, we have a range of different delicious chocolates perfect for wedding favours! From small chocolate champagne bottles to elegant gold chocolate balls, you are bound to fit the perfect chocolate for you wedding favours! Check out our range of chocolate sweets today.

Homemade Cookies 

Who doesn’t love soft and gooey homemade cookies? From chocolate chip to oatmeal raisin there’s an assortment of delicious cookies to choose from. Making cookies is simple and straightforward! You can also wrap your cookies in charming boxes or bags. Online retailers such as Amazon offer a range of stylish cookie boxes and bags that are great for distributing to your guests. Homemade cookies can make for a magnificent wedding favour that all your guests will unquestionably be grateful for.  Check out this blog post from Hitched on how to make your own cookie favours.

Rock Candy

Vibrant and colourful rock candy can make for a scrumptious wedding favour that your guests will adore. Here at Keep It Sweet, we offer Edinburgh Rock in a variety of lively colours. Rock candy will go down a treat with your guests!


Multicoloured heavenly meringues can make for an elaborate wedding favour that your guests will cherish. Your local patisserie or high-end supermarket may stock meringues in a range of exotic and mysterious flavours such as watermelon, passionfruit and pistachio, so be sure to check them out! Check out Pinterest for more information on how to use meringue wedding favours for your big day!


Nutty nougat wedding favours will go down a treat with your wedding guests. If you have a stretched budget then nougat is simple and quick to make! Nougat is the perfect after dinner treat and is frequently enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Check out this traditional nougat recipe on Great British Chefs and start making delicious nougat today.

Custom Spice Jars

Custom spice jars are a unique and convenient wedding favour that will delight your wedding guests. You can pick up spice jars from your local supermarket or independent delicatessen. From classic Italian seasoning to Himalayan pink salt, you’re bound to find spices that are perfect for you wedding guests.

Coffee Favours

Coffee beans can make for an unusual but handy wedding favour that can keep your wedding guests partying even after the wedding has finished! You can pick up freshly ground Brazilian coffee beans from high end supermarkets. Coffee beans are an excellent wedding favour that will keep your guests energised all night long. Check out some fantastic coffee wedding favours on Pinterest. 

Mini Love hearts

Mini love hearts can make for a simple yet enjoyable wedding favour that your guests will adore. Here at Keep It Sweet, we offer delicious mini love hearts  that are perfect to place in stylish organza bags. Mini love heart wedding favours will go down a treat with both adult and children guests.

Wedding Fortune Cookies 

Fortune cookies are unique and entertaining wedding favours that add an extraordinary personalised touch to your wedding day. Your guests will adore quirky and unusual wedding fortune cookies and will relish opening them after their dinner. Check out Pinterest on how to use wedding fortune cookies within your special day.


The Best Vegan Wedding Favours

It can be challenging to find wedding favours that everyone will enjoy and treasure for many years to come. Vegan wedding favours are perfect for couples who want to have an all vegan wedding. From personalised soy candles to vegan cake pops there are a variety of different vegan wedding favours to choose from.

Soy Candles

Natural soy candles can make for the perfect vegan wedding favour. Online retailers and department stores offer handmade and sustainable soy wax candles that are ideal for wedding favours. Choose from luxurious scents such as musky rosewood and moss or relaxing amber and musk. Your guests are certain to cherish magnificent vegan friendly soy candles. 

Wild Flower Seeds

Wild flowers are a great way of adding bright and vibrant colours to any garden. Your wedding guests will admire a selection of wild flower seeds as a wedding favour and will be keen to sow them as soon as their back home. You can pick up wild flower seeds from your local garden centre or supermarket.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit can make for a perfect wedding favour that your guests will love. From strawberries to cherries there’s a variety of delicious and juicy fruits that will be ideal for any wedding. Ensure you buy the fruit on the day or the day before the wedding so it’s fresh for your guests to enjoy. Check out Pinterest and see how to use fresh fruit as a wedding favour.

Homemade Vegan Cake Pops

Homemade vegan cake pops can make for delicious edible vegan wedding favours that your guests will unquestionably enjoy. Vegan cake pops are healthy and simple to make, here is an excellent recipe for making heavenly chocolate vegan cake pops. Vegan cake pops are perfect for Intimate weddings and are ideal if you’re working with a stretched wedding budget.


Who doesn’t love a relaxing cup of a tea? Custom made tea can make for a delightful wedding favour that your guests will admire. Choose from a variety of exotic blends such as orange spice, strawberries and cream, tropical mango fruit, and masala chai. You can give your teabags to guests in stylish and colourful organza bags that can be customised and personalised to suit your wedding theme.


5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

If you consider yourself as an eco-friendly couple, all the waste and travel connected with a wedding can be difficult to accept. However, there’s multiple ways to minimise the impact you have on the environment on your big day. Eco-friendly wedding favours can be a simple and easy way to reduce your environmental impact. From succulents to mini handmade soaps there’s a range of different eco-friendly wedding favours to choose from.


One favour your guests might not anticipate is a mini succulent. You are bound to find a mix of impressive succulents at your local garden centre that are perfect for wedding favours. Succulents can make for a wonderful wedding favour that your guests are certain to adore. Check out Pinterest for some of the best succulent wedding favours.

Charity Donations 

Charity donations can make for an elegant wedding favour that your guests will treasure for years to come. Charity wedding favours are a brilliant way to donate to a charity close to you and your partner whilst giving your guests a keepsake of your special day. Have a look at this blog post from Bride and find different charities that offer unique wedding favours.

Homemade Jam

Delicious and fruity Homemade strawberry jam will go down a treat with your wedding guests, it’s also simple and quick to make. This easy to follow jam recipe by Merry Berry is excellent for making divine strawberry jam. Homemade jam is  a delightful wedding favour that your guests will undoubtfully enjoy.

Mini Handmade Soap 

Handmade soap can make for an imaginative wedding favour that will excite your wedding guests. Organic handmade soap can help nourish skin and even heal skin conditions such as eczema. Making soap can be problematic but this simple and straightforward soap recipe will help you to make vegan soap in no time.

Natural Bath Salts 

Natural bath salts are a superb wedding favour to please anyone that loves a soak in the bath. Natural bath salts come in varying styles but all are perfect for de-stressing and looking after the skin, there are also many ways to create your own baths salts using simple ingredients.


The Best Favours For Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings are full of charm, warmth, and comfort; you can really create a rustic feeling for your wedding through location and decoration, but rustic wedding favours are where the bride and groom can really shine in their theme. The rustic wedding choice allows you to have all sorts of cute and unique wedding favours, let’s take a look at just what you could pick.

Jars of Honey

One of the more interesting edible wedding favours, a jar of honey will get your guests talking and kickstart their sweet tooth for something natural. Honey is synonymous with nature and fits perfectly in the rustic setting, it also has its own health benefits as a bonus. Check out Pinterest for the best ways to use honey as a wedding favour.

Hand Picked Vegetables

What could be more fitting to a rustic wedding than some quality hand-picked vegetables? These also double up as a great vegan wedding favour, you can hand this favour out to every guest for something interesting and healthy. You can select all the organic hand-picked vegetables you want from your local greengrocers. 

Cosy Blankets 

Cosy blankets are perfect for making your guests feel at home and get settled in to the rustic setting. As the evening carries on it gives everyone that chance to get cosy and sit beneath the stars together, creating great memories of your wonderful day. 

Potted Herbs

To add some colourful greenery and some pleasant aromas to your rustic wedding, why not grab some potted herbs to give out as wedding favours? Herbs come in all shapes and sizes, all with potential to be used in cooking or just as an addition to decoration around the home or garden. Local greengrocers usually provide all sorts of herbs that you could use at your wedding to give guests something to remember the day by.

Rosemary Olive Oil 

Another wedding favour to be used in the kitchen, rosemary olive oil will intrigue your guests taste palates. The addition of rosemary to the olive oil creates a new and delicious aspect to use in cooking. Check out this blog post from Evermine on how to make delicious homemade olive oil wedding favours.


Top Favours For Summer Weddings 

What is more appealing than a summer wedding? Some of the best wedding favours can come out during summer, and people will be in high spirits because of the weather and event.

Homemade Pink Lemonade

Lemonade is an iconic summer drink, but an added fruity twist for pink lemonade is much more memorable. This is a unique wedding favour idea that adds some colour and fun to your summer wedding, take a look at The Recipe Rebel for their tasty homemade pink lemonade recipe that’ll keep your guests hydrated and happy. 


This super sweet edible wedding favour will go down a treat at any wedding, with flavours that can meet anyone’s tastes. Macarons are a classic bitesize confectionary that will be ideal for guests to pick at during your reception.


Doughnuts remind people most about days out in summer, especially by the seaside. Keep that summer feeling alive by providing doughnuts to your wedding guests, marking it as a day for indulgence. If you’re a real doughnut lover, then Check out this blog post from myweddingfavors on how to incorporate doughnuts within your big day.


Seeing as it’ll be a summer wedding, it’s quite fitting for some fun sunglasses to be provided to guests. Sunglasses can be silly to wear but mostly will be perfect for keeping some of the sun out of your guests’ eyes. 

Customised Summer Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love scented candles? Their aroma and the cosy evening feeling they create are perfect for summer weddings, the best part is that there are scents for everyone. Impress your guests with personalised wedding favour candles, setting the mood and making your day memorable.


5 Festive Favours For A Winter Wedding

Many peoples dream wedding is a winter wedding, some even going so far as to want snow on their special day. There are many great wedding favour ideas for this seasonal wedding, with a strong cosy and Christmassy theme.

Homemade Mulled Wine 

A delicious and warming drink for winter, mulled wine is instantly recognisable and cherished during Christmas time. You can make your seasonal wedding spicier for your guests with a homemade mulled wine spice favour for them to take home and remember you by. Check out this recipe from Jamie Oliver on how to create spiced and warming mulled wine

Candy Cane 

The iconic red and white candy cane is one of the top edible wedding favours in the later months of the year. A Christmas wedding would not be complete without some candy canes scattered about as favours for the guests. Get candy cane for all your guests from Keep It Sweet, candy canes might just be an unbeatable festive wedding favour. 

Customised Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins always go down well, the unwrapping of the foil and then eating the coin as quick as you like are part of the experience. So, having customised chocolate coins as wedding favours will have your guests loving that personal touch on their yummy piece of chocolate. Here at Keep It Sweet, we offer a range of customised chocolate coins, check out a range of customised chocolate coins  today. 

Personalised Crackers 

A winter wedding, in particular a Christmas wedding, needs some classic seasonal fun in the form of crackers. Crackers make for excellent favours, pulling these with other guests at the wedding creates conversation and makes everyone jolly.

Hot Chocolate

Warming up in the winter with a hot chocolate is something that is savoured by all. Providing all the guests with a scrumptious mug of hot chocolate is an excellent wedding favour idea. Check out this blog post from Wedding Of My Dreams on how to create hot chocolate wedding favours.


The Best Favours For A Beach Wedding

Make that trip to the beach even better by having a beach wedding, hosting your wedding by the sea and on the sand will make the day unforgettable. To make it even more unforgettable, gather up some beach suitable wedding favours.

Customised Hand Fans

The beach can prove to get quite hot, especially during a wedding day of soaking up the sun and celebrating. Keep your guests cool with some hand fans as wedding favours, your guests will be impressed and grateful with some customised hand fans.

Personalised Flip Flops

The epitome of beach footwear, the flip flop is a very unique wedding favour idea, one that will get your guests into the beach atmosphere. Go one step further and get some personalised flip flops that will make your beach wedding extra entertaining. 

Customised Lip Balms

Lip balms are a super handy item to have, they do wonders for your lip health and also have some great flavours to try. Giving out lip balms may be an unusual wedding favour but your guests will be pleasantly surprised and thankful whilst on the beach.

Personalised Luggage Tags 

One of the more unique wedding souvenirs, a personalised luggage tag is fitting for a wedding on the beach, this is especially true if you travel abroad for the ceremony. Give your guests a wedding favour that they can use on their journey home and for next time they go on holiday.

Handmade Lanterns 

Lanterns to keep your wedding lit up and keep the party going into the evening are a fabulous idea, and they work wonderfully as useful wedding favours and wedding table decorations. There are many options that you could go with to brighten up the night, such as paper lanterns and candle holders. Check out Pinterest for the best way to use lanterns on your wedding day.


Can You Make Your Own Wedding Favours?

When it comes to gathering wedding favours for your big day, you may be left wondering whether it’s a smart idea to make your own favours. Quite frankly, some of the best wedding favours will be ones made by the bride and groom, these show how much care went into creating the wedding day and add a close personal touch. There are a wealth of recipes that you can try out to provide some homemade wedding favours that will impress guests and save you money, plenty of people do their own wedding favours and find the process and outcome highly pleasant and beneficial for everyone involved.


Top DIY Wedding Favours

Creating your own DIY wedding favours is an impressive and exciting route for providing favours to your guests. Much of what can be done at home includes edible wedding favours which are sure to be adored by your guests. Here are some of those unique wedding favour ideas.

Lemon Curd

The versatile and sometimes overlooked lemon curd will be one of the splendid and quirky wedding favours that you can quite easily make yourself. This citrus spread will be gladly accepted by your guests and they can use it with a range of sweet treats. A good recipe for lemon curd comes from Life, Love and Sugar, why not give it a go?

Homemade Meringues

Meringues are a luscious desert that can be used in many ways, they are reliable and have a recognisable taste and texture. They are quite simple but can be tricky to get right, so making them for your wedding guests may be an enticing challenge, this recipe from Taste of Home covers just what to do and has some tips on how to get meringues right, try it out for yourself. 

Homemade Brownies 

Scrumptious and rich brownies are sure to be snatched up quickly as an edible wedding favour. Brownies are a classic chocolate dessert, people of all ages love them and there are many ways to make them your own or to add something different. One top recipe for homemade brownies comes from Sally’s Baking Addiction, try these out but try not to eat them all before the wedding! 

Homemade Sloe Gin

Sloe gin makes for an appealing change from usual gin, the addition of the sloe berry makes the gin look inviting and adds a tasty spin. Making your own sloe gin is a superb DIY wedding favour that will go down extremely well with guests as the night goes on. You can find a nice sloe gin recipe on BBC Good Food, one that can be made ahead of the wedding to get you excited for the night.

DIY Photo Booth 

One of the best wedding favours to get guests involved and buzzing is a DIY photo booth. This one might be more time consuming and tricky to set up but it is well worth it and will make the night unforgettable, capturing joyous moments for guest to share and cherish. Here is a handy guide from One Fab Day to get you started on creating your own photo booth.


Should You Purchase Wedding Favours For Children?

A dilemma that quite a lot of soon to be wedded couples face, is what to do for any children guests. In some situations, couples decide to have a wedding without children there at all, there are varying views on the etiquette of this. However, if you do have children at your wedding, be it your own or your guests, you may wonder whether or not to purchase wedding favours for children. Thankfully, at the majority of weddings, you will only have a small selection of child guests, and so it makes complete sense to keep them entertained and involved with children’s wedding favours. These favours for the kids can be just about anything, you could even get an idea of what they’d enjoy most by asking their parents beforehand. 

When Should You Start Shopping For Wedding Favours? 

When you start shopping for wedding favours is obviously up to you, but it is highly recommended that you begin your purchasing around two or three months before the wedding. Once you have all your guests invited, and the venue booked, you can start coming up with and choosing some unique wedding favour ideas, this should give you the time to decide on what sort of favours would be loved by your guests and you. As long as enough time is allowed for your wedding favours to arrive, or for you to make your DIY wedding favours before the day, then you will be good to go. 

Why Should You Give Guests Wedding Favours?

Whilst people argue that wedding favours aren’t necessary, they are still a thoughtful and welcoming gesture that show your gratitude and care for the guests that came to your wedding. Providing wedding favours gives your guests something to remember your special day by, shows them that you have thought of them, and can create some fun. Some of the best wedding favours will be ones that are personal, but it isn’t always necessary to get complex favours, among the most popular options is edible wedding favours, this way you can keep everyone happy without a long-term item for them to keep. All that matters is that you should be giving wedding favours to show how thankful you are, and as a celebration of your marriage with your guests as witnesses.

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