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Add an Extra Touch with Personalised Sweets

No matter how you stumbled across this blog article - whether you are on the look out for innovative new ways to market your business, frantically searching for a last minute gift or simply looking for your favourite sweets and treats, we are here to help! With hundreds of different retro sweets to choose from and a whole of host of Personalised Sweets and Gifts for every occasion, look no further than Keep It Sweet for your one-stop shop of sugary delights!

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Personalised Sweets come in a huge variety of shapes and forms. If you are looking for a unique and special gift, then our Personalised Sweet Jars may be just what you are after. Our range contains a number of different themed jars including Spooky Jars and Christmas Jars, or you can stick to our classic Retro Jar containing all the favourites from years gone by. But these aren’t just any old sweet jars, our Personalised Jars allow you to add up to 3 lines of your own text that we will then print onto the label so you can give somebody a unique gift with an extra special twist. Take our Birthday Personalised Sweet Jar for example, not only is it filled with retro childhood favourites such as Flying Saucers and Black Jacks, but it is also bright, colourful and eye-catching to really give your gift the wow factor!

Another popular gift along the lines of personalised sweets is our ever popular Personalised Crate range. These vintage themed wooden boxes have a great rustic feel that make the perfect table centre piece or gift box for a special someone. Add up to 40 characters of your own text to create a gift that can be treasured forever. Why not go the extra mile and fill the box with a few of their favourite sweet treats also? If you are struggling to choose, why not go for an absolute classic, such as Jelly Babies, for example? Jelly Babies date back as far as 1864 and were originally called Peace Babies to mark the end of the First World War. These famous British sweets that are famously loved by The Beatles and Doctor Who, of all people, have remained a classic household favourite ever since and we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t crack a smile when given a packet of these fruity delights!

Along with Personalised Sweets, we also have a range of gifts that aren’t personalised, but would be perfect for adding your own personal touches to. For example, our Retro Tuckshop Box is a popular gift (or gift to self!) and will leave anybody spoiled for choice with the huge range of delicious contents inside! Send as a surprise to sweet-toothed friends or treat your colleagues to help them get over the mid week blues. Just the look of this fun-filled box is enough to get your taste buds tingling, but it is also a great way to rediscover old classics from your childhood or try weird and wacky sweets that you never even knew existed! And if you want to add you own unique touch, why not get creative with stickers, ribbons or even paint to show somebody how much you care?

And personalised sweets aren’t just for gifts - they are also the perfect addition to a wedding. Personalised Fruit Rock is our most popular type of personalised sweets for weddings and it’s not hard to see why! These fruity favourites are colourful, vibrant and eye-catching and are the perfect splash of colour to sprinkle on the tables and keep your guests energy levels high on the dance floor! We also have a huge range of Personalised Sweet Bars to add the wow factor to your wedding and that are sure to impress your guests. Simply choose the size of your sweet bar and we will send it straight your way, along with tongs, scoops and bags for a truly authentic traditional sweet shop feel.

Personalised Sweets are a highly effective and innovative way to market your business. Sweetness is associated with the feeling of pleasure and well being (and we don’t know anybody who doesn’t like sweets) so why not associate this good feeling with your brand or business? Whether you are looking for a large sweet promotion or smaller sweet giveaways and goodies, we have a fantastic range of products to suit every business and every budget. One of our favourite branded sweets products here at Keep It Sweet is Personalised Lollies. Remember walking past a sweet shop as a child and your jaw dropping at the sight of big, colourful swirly lollipops in the window? We have lollipops in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours that are sure to draw a crowd at a corporate event or put a smile on customer’s faces. From only 12p per lolly - what better way to get your name out there?

When it comes to personalised branded sweets we also love the old classics, such as Chocolate Coins. The perfect promotional tool if you are in the banking business, Chocolate Coins are an all time favourite that were originally a Christmas delight given to children and have remained a staple stocking filler ever since. Brand these sweet treats with your company logo and choose the colour to create a marketing tool which will wow clients and customers. Not only will the use of chocolate impress people, but by associating your brand with Christmas you can’t go wrong!

View our full range of personalised sweet here and add your extra special touch!