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Bring Back Nostalgic Memories with Glass Sweet Jars

Take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood with our huge range of Glass Sweet Jars. Whether you are looking for a unique gift, the perfect table centrepiece or something to bring the wow factor to your party or event - glass sweet jars and our tasty range of retro sweets are great for all occasions…

Retro Glass Sweets Jar | Keep It SweetBlack Jacks Perfect for filling a Glass Sweets Jar | Keep It Sweet

Just like the ones in the old fashioned sweet shops, we stock glass sweet jars in a variety of different shapes and sizes that not only contain a whole host of tasty treats, but also look stunning and are sure to trigger plenty of happy childhood memories. What better Birthday gift or way to show your appreciation to a friend or family member than with a jar full of nostalgic goodies?! With jars ranging from 250ml to 5 litres in size, there is plenty of choice to suit every budget, occasion and appetite! To make a unique and memorable gift that is sure to put a smile on somebody’s face, simply select your glass sweet jar and then get selecting the scrumptious sweets to go inside.

Why not fill a jar with someone’s favourite old school sweets to add a personal twist to your gift? Or if you are spoiled for choice, we have hundreds of retro sweets and traditional classics for you to choose from (and maybe sneak a few for yourself too!) One iconic retro sweet is Dip Dabs. These tongue-tingling sherbet delights will take you straight back to the 60s and simply can’t be beaten. We challenge anyone to try and eat one of these without covering themselves head to toe in fluffy white sherbet! Other sweets to fill a glass sweet jar with include Wham Bars, Black Jacks, Flying Saucers and many more.

If you are struggling for choice or are looking for a safer option to glass sweet jars for any children (or clumsy adults), our Jars of Sweets are filled with just as many tasty treats, but are plastic. We have a wide variety of different themed jars for you to choose from that are great value for money and will save you the difficult decision of picking the sweets to go inside. For example our Football Jar is the perfect gift for any footie fan and contains the perfect bite-sized treats to get you through your team’s next match.

We also offer cute miniature Glass Sweet Jars that make the perfect wedding or party favours. Our 250ml Love Jars are the perfect size to wow your guests and ensure to put a smile on their faces. It contains a variety of different love themed sweets including Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts, Mini Lovehearts and Candy Whistles for you and your guests to unleash your hidden musical talents! Display one of these alongside a place setting at your wedding and spread the love amongst all your dearest friends and family in a unique, fun and delicious way!

Glass Sweet Jars look great by themselves, but there are also plenty of quirky ways you can add personal touches and decorations to them to add that extra special something. One of the simplest ways to add an instant decorative touch is with ribbon. Simply tie a piece of ribbon around the top of the bobble-topped jar and voila - you’ve created a masterpiece! If you want to get really into it, why not colour co-ordinate the ribbon to the sweets inside the jar? For example, pastel coloured ribbons are sure to set off pastel Flying Saucers and really bring together any gift or centre piece. Another great option that is also a fun activity for both adults and children alike is to get creative with glass paints. Paint personalised designs and messages to create not only a unique jar, but also a memorable keepsake that is sure to bring back nostalgic memories for years to come.

Another great addition to a party or event involving Glass Sweet Jars is our Rustic Candy Crate. This beautiful distressed wooden box allows you to personalise it and add your own special message to create a truly unique gift or keepsake. This fantastic latest addition to our range contains 7 authentic sweet jars crammed full with retro sweets and sugary treats including Fizzy Mix, Foam Bananas and Jelly Beans, along with scoops, tongs and over 100 bags to create a traditional sweet shop feel and to bring back plenty of childhood memories of afternoons spent picking penny sweets after school! We also have Mini Candy Crates containing 2 glass sweet jars that are even cuter!

Or maybe you are a business looking for an exciting and innovative way to promote your brand? If so, Personalised Sweet Jars are the perfect option to attract and impress customers and clients. Leave a sweet impression in prospective client’s minds with Branded and Personalised Sweet Jars that are sure to give your brand or business a great reputation without breaking the bank. We also offer Sweet Bars that are a great way to add the wow factor to corporate events, shows or to add a bit of excitement to the meeting room. See some of our ready made options containing some of the nation’s favourite retro sweets including Jelly Beans and Candy Necklaces or get in touch to create your very own bespoke option. Why not get creative and match the sweets to your business colours to ensure it really sticks in people’s minds? Along with Glass Sweet Jars, we also offer Promotional Sweet Tins, Personalised Lollies, Personalised Sweet Wrappers and many other branded confectionery options.

View our full range of Glass Sweet Jars here and bring back those nostalgic memories!