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What Makes A Retro Sweet Retro?

Whether you’re a fan of all sweets sour and are always the first one to tuck into a tongue-tingling delight, or if you prefer to keep it simple with all the traditional favourites - there are retro sweets out there for everyone. Straight from your school days, many of the best retro sweets are still around and are just as popular as ever - but just what makes them so special?...

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Remember days spent getting sticky coat pockets from penny sweets? Or sneaking to the corner shop after school to stock up on treats and goodies? The first reason Retro Sweets are so much better than any new sweets on the block is the nostalgia they bring. Not only do they taste oh so delicious, but they’ll also take you on a trip down memory lane and bring back plenty of happy memories of years gone by. Some of our favourite nostalgic retro sweets are all the sweets we used to get in party bags as a child. Candy Necklaces were an absolute party bag staple and are still an old classic to this day! Not only are they the perfect wearable accessory for a sugar fix on the go, but they are also sure to get you in the party mood and put a smile on everyone’s face, no matter how old. Another party bag favourite is Fizz Wizz Popping Candy. Available in a variety of different flavours, this mouth-watering delight is a retro sweet like no other and never gets any less fun to eat. We even sell these retro treats in bulk boxes so you can spread the fizz popping nostalgia amongst all your friends! Why not take a look here at our full party bag selection and choose your favourites.

Another reason Retro Sweets are extra special is that every decade they brought something slightly different to the table. Here at Keep It Sweet we categorise all of our retro sweets into the decades they originated from to make it even easier for you to find all of your favourite treats from the past. Take the 80’s for example…the decade of perms and neon clothing was also a very popular time for retro sweets and there were plenty of wacky sweets created that have been firm favourites ever since. Candy Whistles were just one of the fun and exciting 80s sweets and are great fun for both children and adults to enjoy. Or why not dig into some Lottery Loot Edible Paper? Although edible paper has been around a while, it never fails to blow our minds! It may sound weird, but this childhood favourite is a must try if you haven’t before, there is nothing more satisfying than devouring a delicious £5 note! Or tuck into some tasty 90s Lollies and 60s Boiled Sweets - the options are endless!

Sometimes however, simple really is best and some of the most iconic retro sweets are the simplest and most traditional. Boiled Sweets are some of the oldest sweets around and include sweets of all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Lemon Sherbets are one of the most popular retro sweets around and are truly a household staple. These tongue-tingling tangy treats are the perfect mix of fruity and sour and are also available in any colour making them perfect for catering to a certain colour or theme and look great displayed in one of our beautiful glass sweet jars. In fact, here at Keep It Sweet we can even offer personalised boiled sweets, which can be wrapped in a branded wrapper. If you would like to find out some more information regarding our selection of hard boiled sweets, or to enquire about promotional boiled sweets, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Another retro classic boiled sweet is Gobstoppers. These vibrant delights are the image of retro and brought a lot of joy to many childhoods. Not only do these look fantastic, but they also taste truly scrumptious and are perfect for keeping the kids quiet too!

Can’t decide which tasty retro sweets to choose? Don’t fear - for our fantastic range of Sweet Jars is here! Our Retro Classics Jar is the obvious choice if you are looking to sample all of the most well known favourites of the past few decades and contains everything from Rainbow Drops to Drumstick Lollies to put a smile on your face. However, we also have a huge selection of other themed jars to suit every occasion and to tickle everybody’s fancy! Our Sweet and Sour Jar is the perfect mix of tongue-tingling, eye-watering retro sweets for anyone who can handle the sourest of sour! Tuck into Snot Shots, Gumpowder, Eyepoppers and more for a true torturous (but great!) experience for your taste buds.

View our full range of retro sweets here!